Our Story


How we live our life is a clear choice we make for ourselves and for the rest of our lives, some are destined for success and yet a few have the zestfulness and appetite to do what they love no matter what the outcome.The Lady who turned her everyday creative pleasure into a successful business is the visionary behind this creative genius brand De-nap. Like all things we do for love with fondness and worship, Mrs. Chaudhry the originator of this Woman & Kids Nightwear brand in India just happened to do what she loves on a daily basis.

1. About Our Founder

Mrs. Chaudhry was born in Ludhiana, Studied in Dalhousie, where she mastered her love for sewing and stitching. She then got married in Mumbai, where her love for her art continued in making dresses for her young daughters, and family which eventually resulted in this brand that caters to a great market in India for sleepwear today, better known for their distinctive and trendy designs paired with high quality fabrics and finish, in woman and kids pajamas, nightdresses and night suits.

2. Philosophy

“Woman’s Nightwear in India, is fast growing, and ever changing fashion and up to date trends is something we have to keep up with for the continuity of our Brand” Quotes Mrs. Chaudhry who started off with 4 unique designs in 2001, her samples were appreciated so very much that she manufactured over a 1000 pcs, as her first order.

3. Our Journey 

De-nap Today supplies to all leading nightwear stores across India, and they have their online store www.denap.in, which is an online shopping destination for all nightwear and sleepwear lovers today.

The Brand Continues with her Young Daughters running the Online Fashion store, as Head of Marketing and Design.

A Symphony of 3 Imaginative, Innovative and Unconventional woman who only seem to fulfill their leisure pursuit, is the beating heart of this nightwear brand that caters to fulfilling all woman & kids nightwear requirements.


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