My Bedtime Ritual

It’s Time to go to Bed Alas!! It’s the Universe’s way of telling us to stop. If we follow natures signs well we can tune our body and mind exactly like we wish to, it s really as simple as that. We often forget how straightforward life is and the beauty of it, we re so involved with the daily go, go, go, routine. We’re slaves to our passions, and desires we’ve forgotten the basics.

Just stop for a second unwind and clear your mind free from all the stress,

Life is a gift given to us to cherish and enjoy, we’ve taken everything for granted.

The sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, even our own body!

Why Is Sleep Important? 

Bedtime is a time, for us to slow down and relax, make time for ourselves, hence it’s up to us how we enjoy this luxury provided to us free of cost by nature. Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference to the quality of one s life. Having healthy sleep habits is often referred to as having a good, Sleep Hygiene.

If we stick to some basic bedtime rituals we can all have the best start of our night & mornings.


Things To Do

One must have a time –out for all activities.If we follow a sleep schedule, made of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on weekends, this helps regulate our body s clock and helps us fall asleep and stay asleep for the night.

Create a calm and tranquil relaxing environment, take a warm bath, massage on some soothing cream, put on some comfortable nightwear like pajama’s or a airy nightdress, dim the lights, keep your room s temperature cool, use a diffuser with essential oils, brew a calming herbal/decaf tea, listen to some balmy music or read a book, turn off your cellphones, meditate, cozy up and snuggle into your soft cotton pillow.


  • Maintain an unruffled and relaxed mindset.
  • Focus on the present rather than the past or the future.
  • Your body needs time to shift into the sleep mode, so keep things easy and avoid the unnecessary this is your time, your moment of calm.

We wish you the sweetest dreams and nighttime filled with tranquility and serenity; also choose your Pyjamas wisely for a good nights sleep!

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