The Story Of My Pajamas

However we choose to dress all day, once we arrive at our respective abodes, we choose to undress all our stress and tensions and one quickly gets into something, more like a feeling of bliss!

  • Pajamas are synonymous for comfort.
  • When were pajamas first made?
  • Who made and who thought of pajamas? 

1. Where And When Did Pajamas Take Birth?

Story goes, that similar to the traditional harem pants, pajamas come to us from the East, and they take their name from the Persian word Pyjama, meaning a simple ‘leg garment’.
In the early 1890's men first wore cotton pajamas or silk pajamas at home as a comfortable and elegant garment, mainly prints such as checks and stripes most popularly.

 Women were more inclined to the nightgown as opposed to this seemingly masculine pajama.

2. Journey Of Pajamas For Women

It was then Coco Chanel’s elegant lounging and beachwear collection in the early 1920's, soon convinced women that a well cut pajama pant and top were more stylish and elegant to the traditional nighties and nightgowns.
Pajamas or Pyjamas however you wish to spell them often shortened to Pjs, Jimjams or jammies, are a loose-fitting garment chiefly worn for sleeping or lounging, by both sexes.
 The word Pyjama was borrowed c. 1800 from Urdu word pay-jama, itself borrowed from the Persian pay-jameh i.e a ‘leg garment.

The original pajama’s are loose, and lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands worn by Muslims in India and adopted by Europeans during the East India Company rule in India.


3. Pajamas Today

Men, Women and Kids today enjoy this lovely and relaxing garment, and it is almost a necessity in our wardrobes. So next time you relax and wear your favourite Pj’s, to settle in for the night, remember this garment has been around for centuries, and is the best way for us all to enjoy our most precious good nights sleep.

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